We offer tailormade terminal and warehousing services across Finland. The concept consists of different additional services so that you can serve your end customer in the most value-added way.

Storage in cold and warm warehouses

All of the terminals around Finland are situated in strategically important cities to ge geographically close to the end client. We offer terminal and warehousing services in both cold and warm spaces suitable for varoius products. Our biggest warehouse is situated in the heart of Vantaa Airport City from where we have outstanding connections all over the world.

Pick and pack of customer products with distribution

The service concept consists of qulity control, sorting, pick and pack of product articles and preparation of delivery in Finland or abroad. In Finland we have a fully covering distribution network and reach out to almost all destinations within 24h.

Online warehouse balance and release of products

One important information when it comes to warehousing is correct warehouse balance. Each warehouse transaction is directly reported online through our warehouse management system (WMS). The customer can easily keep track of the balance through our portal which helps sales of products in stock and planning new shipments. We can also act on behalf of our customers with release of products from stock to private persons. We can set up such customer pick up points according to the demands.

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