Thermo transports

Thermo transports

Our thermo department is specialized in temperature controlled transports for food and other cargo that requires a specific temperature during the whole transport. Our modern loading units are suitable for heated, cooled and frozen cargo with monitoring exact temperature during the whole transport.

Fast delivery concept for fresh food

The lead time is crucial when ensuring that the product arrives fresh at the end destination. That’s why we have developed a concept ensuring fast deliveries also for long distances. Our network of drivers positioned at different locations enables us to easily operate a certain transport fast and efficient with double drivers. Dynamic planning can reschedule trucks with short notice to respond quickly on time on critical bookings.

Well equipped trucks enable direct deliveries

Our thermo trucks are equipped with back tail-lift to operate direct food deliveries from the production unit to end customer or retailer shops with no unloading dock. We have also equipped our units with side open loading space and double loading floor. Everything to ensure we can offer the best available options for our customers.

Frozen products keep the quality

The best way to keep a good quality of the product for a longer time is to keep it frozen. We operate frozen transports within the Nordics. There is also a possibility to divide the loading space into two compartments for loading different temperature goods at the same truck. That optimizes the driving and is better for the environment.

Knowhow guarantee safe food transports

In our fleet we have certified units (FNA/FRC) to guarantee that the temperature is kept constant. The driver measures the temperature of the goods at loading and delivery to ensure that the cargo departs and arrives in correct temperature. During the transport the temperature in the loading space is monitored online by the transport planning.

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