Home delivery

Home delivery

We organize deliveries for several larger furniture stores and home appliance chains to households and companies. The customer can choose a time window for the delivery. It’s also possible to choose other services or repair, distribution of parcels and spare parts or fill up shelfs in factories.

The Nordics most customer friendly home deliveries

We have been proven to be the best service provider in Nordics when it comes to home deliveries. We always keep the customer informed about exact arrival time of the shipment. That’s why you as a customer can better plan you day when you know exactly when the shipment will be at your home.

Indoor delivery of furniture and white goods

Sometimes heavy washing machines or big sofas can be tricky to carry in by yourself into your home. Our indoor delivery service the is many times the best alternative for our customer and they can choose themselves to which room the product should be delivered.

Professional installations of home appliancies

To get your kitchen machine delivered at home and installed at the same time saves you from an extra visit by an external installer. We have people with education and certificate to install all kinds of home appliances. Everything from kitchen oven, dish washer and washer machine to sauna oven. Since product development takes place continuously, we develop our services to respond to the market demands.

Recycling of packaging material and used goods

When delivering we can also take care of the packaging material. We sort the material to be recycled in best possible way. If you want to get rid of your old machine or furniture, we can of course also take care of that part. Furniture in good condition is later reused by different associations and sold further as second hand.

Home delivered groceries bag give more free time

Today it is easier than ever before to shop food on internet. You order the products you need in just a few clicks. If you don’t want to collect your bag of groceries yourself, you can let us deliver it easily to your home within a preferred time window.

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