Environment & Safety

Environment & Safety

We are a Finnish family company with Scandinavian values. For us it’s important to produce our services in a sustainable way with the environment and safety in focus. We pay a lot of attention to planning the transports in a way where we efficiently reduce the environmental footprint.

The greenest transports on the market

We want that the future generations shall be entitled to grow up on a planet with clean water, fresh air and a healthy environment. That is one of most important targets in our environmental work. Already today we operate with the newest and cleanest engines. The use of environmental friendly diesel, HVO, is continuing to increase. Our target is to produce the greenest available transports by 2025.

Alternative fuel types operating future transports

The future transports will mainly run on totally different fuel types than what we are used to today. We have high ambitions to start testing new types of fuel. In our environmental development project, we are testing trucks driven on natural gas and electricity.

Traffic safety always on pole position

Our drivers are experienced experts who get regular education in road safety, load securing, economical driving and new regulations. It’s our obligation to have the best available solutions and equipment available which enables us to move all kind of goods types in a safe way. We interact together with goods owners how to improve ways to secure cargo. That will result in making transportation more safe.